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Nutrishield Dashboard and Backend System by Vertoyo

Tina Dimiza, Vertoyo

3 February 2021


In the next few lines, we ‘ll attempt to introduce you to the technical world of NUTRISHIELD program and give you an overview of NUTRISHIELD’s Dashboard and Backend System. The Dashboard is the main web application and the place to be for medical personnel as it enables them to have easy access to all patient-related available information. It also aims to help doctors to prepare the dietary and activity plans.


Patient’s historic data screen in Dashboard


The Backend System [1] is a multi-functional component including many other sub-components such as databases, web services, the nutrition algorithm service etc. It interacts with both the dashboard and the mobile application to provide the necessary support to their functionality. Measurements and analysis output originating from Program’s devices will be available in NUTRISHIELD Platform by using dedicated data entry forms which associate the input with the individuals it concerns.

Vertoyo has been involved in numerous EU-funded and Research projects in the past and is quite proud for the contribution to food-technology projects. In QAPP [2} in particular, we are involved in the development of an “Intelligent” Management System for Product-specific Quality and Safety, based on poultry products. In this program too, we enable integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services utilizing methods, data and decision-support tools so that becomes useful for all target market participants. It is evident that food and dietary technologies fascinate us and consist an area of significant expertise that we are willing in similar projects in the future too.



  1. D6.3 – Integrated NUTRISHIELD Prototype Platform Alpha: The Alpha release of the NUTRISHIELD Prototype Platform


NUTRISHIELD aims at creating a personalised platform for the young. The platform will consist of novel methods & techniques, which analyse a wide range of biomarkers related to nutrition and health disorders.