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List of Publications

  • Authors: Corentin Molitor, Matt Brember, Fady Mohareb

    Title: VarGen: an R package for disease-associated variant discovery and annotation, Bioinformatics, Volume 36, Issue 8, 15 April 2020, Pages 2626–2627,



  • Authors: Kouvari M, Mamalaki E, Bathrellou E, Poulimeneas D, Yannakoulia M, Panagiotakos DB.

    Title: The validity of technology-based dietary assessment methods in childhood and adolescence: a systematic review [published online ahead of print, 2020 Apr 20]. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2020;1-16.



  • Authors: Poulimeneas D, Bathrellou E, Antonogeorgos G, et al.

    Title: Feeding the preterm infant: an overview of the evidence [published online ahead of print, 2020 Apr 27]. Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2020;1-10.



  • Authors: Ten-Doménech, I.; Ramos-Garcia, V.; Piñeiro-Ramos, J.D.; Gormaz, M.; Parra-Llorca, A.; Vento, M.; Kuligowski, J.; Quintás, G.

    Title: Current Practice in Untargeted Human Milk Metabolomics. Metabolites 2020, 10, 43.



  • Authors: Christopher Karim Akhgar, Georg Ramer, Artur Trainerowicz, Jaroslaw Pawuczyk, Andreas Schwaighofer, Bernhard Lendl The next Title: Generation of IR Spectroscopy: EC-QCL based mid-IR Transmission Spectroscopy of Proteins with Balanced Detection

    Analytical Chemistry, 2020



  • Authors: José David Piñeiro-Ramos, Anna Parra-Llorca, Isabel Ten-Doménech, María Gormaz, Amparo Ramón-Beltrán, María Cernada, Guillermo Quintás, María Carmen Collado, Julia Kuligowski, Máximo Vento

    Title: Effect of donor human milk on host-gut microbiota and metabolic interactions in preterm infants


Publication data can be found here:

Peak tables extracted from urine and HM LC-QTOFMS data are accessible via the Mendeley Data repository ( under and

Sequencing data from the preterm gut microbiota of the infants matching the individuals included in this study can be retrieved from GenBank Sequence Read Archive Database under project accession number PRJEB25948 [[22]]


  • Authors: Ben Henderson, Guilherme Lopes Batista, Carlo G. Bertinetto, Joris Meurs, Dušan Materic, Coen C. W. G. Bongers, Neeltje A. E. Allard, Thijs M. H. Eijsvogels, Rupert Holzinger, Frans J. M. Harren, Jeroen J. Jansen, Maria T. E. Hopman and Simona M. Cristescu

    Title: Exhaled Breath Reflects Prolonged Exercise and Statin Use during a Field Campaign






  • Title: Characterization of human milk exosomes by Infrared Spectroscopy and LC-HRMS [METABOLOMICS 2021] [Link]


  • Authors: Matina Kouvari, Melina Karipidou, Thomas Tsiampalis, Eirini Mamalaki, Dimitrios Poulimeneas, Eirini Bathrellou, Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos, Mary Yannakoulia

    Title: Digital Health Interventions for Weight Management in Children and Adolescents: a Meta-analysis





Authors: Meurs Joris, Sakkoula Evangelia & Cristescu, S.M.

Title: Real-Time Non-Invasive Monitoring of Short-Chain Fatty Acids in Exhaled Breath



Authors: Victoria Ramos-Garcia, Isabel Ten-Doménech, Alba Moreno-Giménez, Laura Campos-Berga, Anna Parra-Llorca, María Gormaz, Máximo Vento, Melina Karipidou, Dimitrios Poulimeneas, Eirini Mamalaki, Eirini Bathrellou and Julia Kuligowski

Title: Joint Microbiota Activity and Dietary Assessment through Urinary Biomarkers by LC-MS/MS



Authors: Victoria Ramos-Garcia, Isabel Ten-Doménech, Alba Moreno-Giménez, Laura Campos-Berga, Anna Parra-Llorca, Amparo Ramón, María J. Vaya, Fady Mohareb, Corentin Molitor, Paulo Refinetti, Andrei Silva, Luis A. Rodrigues, Serge Rezzi, Andrew C.C. Hodgson, Stéphane Canarelli, Eirini Bathrellou, Eirini Mamalaki, Melina Karipidou, Dimitrios Poulimeneas, Mary Yannakoulia, Christopher K. Akhgar, Andreas Schwaighofer, Bernhard Lendl, Jennifer Karrer, Davide Migliorelli, Silvia Generelli, María Gormaz, Miltiadis Vasileiadis,  Julia Kuligowski and Máximo Vento on behalf of the NUTRISHIELD team

Title: Fact-based nutrition for infants and lactating mothers—The NUTRISHIELD study



Authors: Victoria Ramos-Garcia, Isabel Ten-Doménech, Abel Albiach-Delgado, Marta Gómez-Ferrer, Pilar Sepúlveda,  Anna Parra-Llorca, Alba Moreno-Giménez, Laura Campos-Berga,  Guillermo Quintás and Julia Kuligowski

Title: Isolation and Lipidomic Screening of Human Milk Extracellular Vesicles



NUTRISHIELD aims at creating a personalised platform for the young. The platform will consist of novel methods & techniques, which analyse a wide range of biomarkers related to nutrition and health disorders.