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Public Deliverables

  • D1.2 – Data Management Plan v1
  • D2.1 – Report on requirements for microbiome analysis
  • D2.2 – Report on requirements for urine analysis
  • D2.3 – Report: Requirements for breast milk analysis
  • D2.5 – Data fusion & local application requirements
  • D2.6 – NUTRISHIELD Platform technical requirements & use case design
  • D2.7 – Clinical Protocols for Clinical Studies in NUTRISHIELD
  • D2.8 – Methodology and key metrics for validation & impact assessment
  • D4.1 – Report on chemical analysis methods & Suggested spectroscopic parameters for detection
  • D6.1 – Specifications of NUTRISHIELD software framework
  • D6.5 – Data governance and ETL specifications -Preliminary Version
  • D8.1 – Dissemination plan and material (website, logo, etc.)
  • D8.3 – Report on exploitation activities


NUTRISHIELD aims at creating a personalised platform for the young. The platform will consist of novel methods & techniques, which analyse a wide range of biomarkers related to nutrition and health disorders.