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NUTRISHIELD aims to integrate all the required elements (laboratory techniques, methodologies, ICT devices & applications, algorithms and other components) into one platform and validate it in clinical conditions, as a new tool for fact-based personalised nutrition based on monitored biomarker data and monitored food intake by actively engaging the users, thus creating the conditions for reducing diet-related health disorders.

The NUTRISHIELD mobile application is now available on App Store and Google Play - Click here to read the Privacy Note.



The NUTRISHIELD Breath Analyser

The user interface will guide the user through a measurement. The analysis of breath consists of the following steps:

  • Data entry
    • Enter patient-id as provided by NUTRISHIELD platform (to be performed by personnel)
  • Analysis
    • Start the analysis by selecting “Analysis”
    • The analyzing system is checked and internal measurements are performed (t< 1minute)
    • On command the person whose breath is to be analyzed breathes into a mouthpiece in order to fill the cells with breath
    • A measurement of the breath in the cell is performed (t < 1 minute)
    • Data evaluation
  • Calculation of concentrations
  • Display analysis results
  • Store or/and transfer analysis results with patient id

The NUTRISHIELD Urine Analyser

Urine analysis gives information about the medical state of the patient. With the quantified biomarkers the doctor can intervene if necessary to improve the patient’s health.

Some standard methods for urine analysis are using special reagents to transform the analytes to a detectable modification. with which the analytes are reacting. Afterwards, a colorimetric measurement of the mixture is taking place. In contrast, the NUTRISHIELD Urine Analyser is not using any chemical reactions and therefore does not need any reagents. This facilitates a user friendly and safe operation. Apart from this advantage, the NUTRISHIELD analyser is measuring two health indicators at once. By taking natural internal standards into account, there is no need for a 24 hours collection of urine.

The NUTRISHIELD urine analyser prototype is aiming at the following points:

  • Being portable
  • Easy usability (touch display)
  • Using a small sample volume
  • No laboratory staff necessary
  • Self-explanatory
  • No reagents necessary
  • No consumables


The NUTRISHIELD urine pH sensor

The user interface will guide the user through the measurements. Six urine can be measure simultaneously, 1 urine per instrument-channel. The analysis of urine consists of the following steps:

  • Data entry
    • Enter for each patient the correspondent patient-id in the respective instrument-channels box (1-6)
  • Analysis (A message will be always displayed before each measurement (calibration 1, calibration 2 and urine sample) explaining which solution must be drop on the sensor)
    • Drop Cal 1 solution (80 ul) on the sensor (by covering all the 3 electrodes on it) and then start the calibration 1 by selecting “Start” – (measurement time 100 seconds)
    • Drop Cal 2 solution (80 ul) on the sensor (by covering all the 3 electrodes on it) and then start the calibration 1 by selecting “Start” – (measurement time 100 seconds)
    • Drop the urine sample (80 ul) on the sensor (by covering all the 3 electrodes on it) and then start the urine measurement by selecting “Start” (measurement time 100 seconds)
  • Calculation of pH and display analysis results
    • Select “Processing” in order to process the data (<30 seconds)
    • A pH value will be shown for each of the analyzed urines
  • Store or/and transfer analysis results with patient id



Device sensors
“ElchemMaster reader where 6 pH sensors are plugged in. After 2 points calibration procedure the urine can be analyzed by covering the 3 electrodes of each sensor (working, reference and counter electrode) with the sample. 6 urines can be analyzed at the same time”.



The NUTRISHIELD Human Milk Analyser

Human milk analysis gives information on its nutritional composition. It is very crucial for an infant’s health, especially for pre-term infants, to feed them with high quality milk. The nutrition correlates with the development of the body and brain and can set its course of life.

During the research project QuantaRed Technologies GmbH is developing a completely new human milk analysis prototype with integrated novel laser sources. At the moment, the determination of the analytes requires two different methods, laboratory staff, time and consumables. The novel NUTRISHIELD human milk prototype will provide these determinations in one device.

The prototype aims at a completely automated procedure. The integrated autosampler provides the opportunity to measure 9 samples, without involvement of the end-user. During the measurement process, the device is cleaned properly with the cleaning solutions attached at the back. The prototype provides a lot of benefits for the potential users, amongst which are: Being portable, integrated touchscreen, no laboratory staff necessary and self-explanatory.

Within the research project and the use cases the NUTRISHIELD Human Milk Prototype will be further developed, tested and validated in the next few months.


NUTRISHIELD aims at creating a personalised platform for the young. The platform will consist of novel methods & techniques, which analyse a wide range of biomarkers related to nutrition and health disorders.