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Clustering Activities

PROTEIN is a research initiative led by a consortium of European public- and private-sector organizations working to promote health and wellbeing. By bringing together experts from across Europe, PROTEIN will develop tools using the latest communications technologies and machine learning strategies to provide personalized nutrition and physical activity support to EU citizens. PROTEIN has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 817732.

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The main goal of the DataBio project is to show the benefits of Big Data technologies in the raw material production from agriculture, forestry and fishery/aquaculture for the bioeconomy industry to produce food, energy and biomaterials responsibly and sustain-ably. DataBio proposes to deploy a state of the art, big data platform on top of the exist-ing partners’ infrastructure and solutions – the Big DATABIO Platform. The work will be continuous cooperation of experts from end user and technology provider companies, from bioeconomy and technology research institutes, and of other partners.

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The main objective of the PhasmaFOOD is to design and implement a multi-target food sensitive mini-portable system for on-the-spot food quality sensing and shelf-life prediction. The PhasmaFOOD miniaturized smart integrated system will be able to detect food hazards, spoilage -including early signs of spoilage-, and food fraud through heterogeneous micro-scale photonics. The connected device will be integrated with a parameterized, knowledge-based, software architecture for on-the-spot food quality sensing and shelf-life prediction.

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NUTRISHIELD aims at creating a personalised platform for the young. The platform will consist of novel methods & techniques, which analyse a wide range of biomarkers related to nutrition and health disorders.